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Why Do I Need A Construction Billing Service?

We understand, as the owner and in most cases manager, you are very busy keeping your project on schedule and under budget. For that reason, we built our state of the art billing software to be accessible from your mobile device or desktop. Keeping your business at your fingertips allows you to maintain control and efficiency while you are on the go. Best of all, you can authorize your trusted superintendants or job site team to have access to update the progress directly from the job site. You will have variable control options, so you or your office staff, can still keep control of what is submitted by your onsite team.

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Subcontractor Billing Service

Premier Construction Billing provides subcontractors with a turn key billing service from initial contract to collection based on a monthly subscription service.  With the implementation of our mobile and desktop app, Premier's unique system allows subcontractors to update progress in real time from the job site while we work behind the scenes to help remove the ever growing burden of paperwork. Our professional staff will create all standard and AIA type invoices and ensure all documentation required by the contract is accounted for, correct and on time for each billing cycle.

Optional Advance Cash Flow Service

Have you been on a project and needed an infusion of cash flow to keep your company afloat? Coupled with our billing service subscription, Premier Construction Billing offers an optional advanced cash flow service through our billing app. With the touch of a button, you can simply select the Advance Payment option to receive up to 80% of the collectable value of your approved invoices. For those simply seeking traditional factoring, Premier can service your needs as well.

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